Image of the Week

Moon in Full Eclipse, The Links, Fancourt, George, South Africa

Canon EOS R3 with Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM lens and Canon EF 1.4x III extender attached with EF/RF adapter.

Gitzo 1548 tripod with RRS PG-02 LR pano-gimbal head.  ISO 12800. 0,5 sec at f/5.6. Exposure set manually.

The morning of the 16th May finally arrived and fortunately a clear morning.  The Eclipse started  (moving from Penumbra to Umbra) at 04:29 and was fully eclipsed at o6:15. This image was captured at 06:11. The moon was true to form – the so-called Blood Moon.  It was so fortunate to have very clear skies until shortly after maximum eclipse. Thereafter is got quite hazy, but I did manage to get some stunning shots just before sunrise. Given the gloomy light and not wanting too long a shutter speed, I needed to shoot at an ISO of 12800 for the Blood Moon shot. I did underexpose a bit to get the sky dark. You need luck sometimes!

I think the “image of the week” needs an extra. This image taken at 07:14 – two minutes before sunrise.


Moon re-appearing after a total eclipse just before sunrise and just before the moon set. The Links, Fancourt, George, South Africa.

Canon EOS R5 with a Canon RF 400mm f/2.8L IS USM lens. ISO 640. 1/50 sec. at f/8. Aperture Priority mode with EC = +2/3 EV.

The Belt of Venus was clear and the top part of the moon had emerged from being eclipsed. It looked like a gigantic crescent moon that is somehow wrong.