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KNP 20181122_M0I6339
Marakele Nov 2018_P5I7512-2
Antarctica070119_Q1T2290,Gentoo on icefloe
Nature's Valley 20170315-_U0A4544
KNP 20180514_M0I4146_4147comp
Tswalu 20220524_W6A8032
KNP 201307_03E2120
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Archival Posts

This site showcases a few portfolios from my extensive image library as well as a number of posts on various subjects. These posts focus on photographic trips and travels as well as articles on the latest photographic technology developments and equipment introductions.

There is an “image of the week” which can be found by clicking [here] or on the respective page name in the main menu.

I trust you will find the site informative and that you will enjoy the content. Please use the interactivity to the full extent. Any constructive feedback will be appreciated.


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